Employment Regulations in Iran: What Non-Iranians Should Know

2021-10-12- Dadflamingo Legal Department- by Sanaz Hosseini For a foreign company looking for registration of a branch in Iran, having the knowledge of Iran’s labor law topics including the parts related to employing workforce is truly essential. Indeed, by this knowledge and concluding a precise employment contract a company would be able to prevent further…

Electronic Contract and Electronic Signature in Iran Legal System

2021-10-11 – Dadflamingo Legal Department – by Hadi Kazemi Is it legally binding to enter into agreements without a face-to-face meeting and wet ink signature? In response to the COVID-19 health crisis and with recent technological advancement, there is an immense change in the standard practice of business and people tend to close agreements using…

What can we offer?

At Dadflamingo, we provide for businesses and individuals, an extensive menu of services including legal, financial, and valuation services. Commercialization of technologies is another area of our practice. Supported by the in-depth practical experience of our team, we provide our corporate clients with high-standard legal consultancy services, contract management, claim management, registration, and administrative services….

Investment in Iran & Intangible Assets Valuation

Inspiration concept crumpled paper light bulb metaphor for choosing the best idea

We live in an era dominated by technological innovations. One of the most attractive and interesting targets for investors is to invest in Tech-based companies and businesses. Nowadays, intangible assets comprise most of the value of Tech-based companies. Therefore, understanding the quality and value of these assets is critical to investment decisions – especially in…