Litigation is part of the strategy of negotiation and in some instances inevitable. We enjoy becoming involved in contentious litigation. However, we always keep sight of the true interests of our clients, and where appropriate we advise them to settle the matter out of the court. We have represented our clients at all levels of the Iranian judicial system. The main purpose of Dadflamingo is to defend the legal rights of its clients, which include businesses, startups, investors, employers, contractors, consultants, professional workers, and all business and economic actors. This issue becomes even more critical when the party’s contractual expectations are not completely met or when events outside the parties’ agreement occur and cause financial, moral, or reputational damages. In these cases, depending on the case, the necessary correspondence and official letters, drafting pleading and motions on behalf of the clients, and finally filing a lawsuit in courts are among Dadflamingo services in this field.

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