Intellectual Properties
Intellectual Property (IP) Rights covers a wide range of Intangible Properties. These rights are directly related to the commercial, industrial, knowledge-based companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, inventors, authors, artists, publishers, software developers, owners of business methods activities. Trademarks, trade names, domain names, industrial designs, inventions, utility samples, geographical indications, integrated circuit design, trade secrets, computer software, databases, works of art, writings and literary works are examples of intellectual property. Due to recent development, the role of legal experts in the field of Intellectual Property Rights has become increasingly critical than ever in the protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Dadflamigo expert Lawyers will guide you and provide you with a full range of services in this particular field as follows:
  • Copyright
  • Brand registration
  • Patent registration
  • Trade Secrets
  • IP disputes
  • Patent Litigation
Intellectual Property (IP) is a key asset for most businesses today, especially startups. Licensing and franchising of IP are the two most important methods to exploit them. We provide registration, management, and litigation services for IP rights. Our team is experienced in negotiations and drafting legal documents for key licensing and technology transfer agreements.

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