Job Opportunities: Valuation Team

Dadflamingo is hiring now!

Valuation Specialist/ Senior Specialist

Job Description:

• To analyze businesses, prepare business plans and management reports
• To entail analyzing the capital structure, future earnings prospects, the market value of assets, and objective analysis of the management of a company
• To analyze and interpret data and making comparative analysis
• To collect information, conduct market research, and analyzes data
• To provide reliable information about each and very different aspects of business
• To make economic and financial models
• To prepare concise and detailed reports, based on the corporate needs
• To prepare pitch deck

• Good knowledge of English
• Being graduated in Finance, Financial Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Industrial Engineering or other fields of engineering
• Strong working knowledge of Excel and financial modeling
• Having the ability to build advanced financial models
• Master at or familiar with Valuation methods
• Attention to accuracy and detail required
• Strong teamwork skills
• Strong Communication, Negotiation,\IOL
and Presentation skills
• Self-motivated، disciplined، and multitasking skills
• Excellent analytical, decision-making, and problem-solving skills
• Ability to protect operations by keeping information confidential
• At least 1 year of related experience is needed (technology market research, feasibility study, and investment strategy)

Employment Type: Full Time
Gender: Female/Male
Seniority: Junior Professional/ Experienced professional
Location: Tehran, Vanak Square
There is the opportunity to benefit from the military service facilities for practitioners of knowledge-based companies.

Please send your resume to:

[email protected]