Mergers & Acquisitions
Legal due diligence is an important part of a proposed acquisition. When done properly, a legal due diligence review provides valuable information to further the process of an acquisition. Performing expert legal due diligence can save tremendous costs later on after an acquisition has been completed. Generally, Dadflamingo provides legal due diligence with the following objectives:
  • Assess and quantify the main legal risks
  • Provide alternatives or solutions to reduce the legal risks identified
  • Get a full understanding of the contractual domain (all available contracts and the quality)
  • Get an understanding of the employment conditions and the obligations towards the employees
  • Check for any hidden risks
  • See if any material legal deal-breakers come up and how to deal with them
  • Serve as a basis for the deal structure (drafting the letter of intent and the share purchase agreement)
  • Get an idea of which guarantees should be requested by the buyer in the SPA
  • Give advice during the legal post-deal phase (enforcement of indemnities)

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