International Trade Law

International Tarde Law covers commercial matters and transactions, including sale and supply of goods, transportation, franchise, licenses and commercial agency, and other cross-border related issues such as customs, export, and import, and any disputes involved. Dadflamingo services in International Tarde Law are as follows:

  • Drafting and negotiating international commercial agreements
  • Providing feedback on and representing clients in trade negotiations
  • Structuring legal and contractual frameworks for commercial activities
  • Representing clients in domestic and foreign international trade-related dispute resolution forums
  • Advising clients on litigation or defense strategies
  • Updating clients on legal and regulatory developments concerning their businesses
  • Advising companies and businesses on competition regulations, governmental bans, and foreign currency-related restrictions

Managed Contracts (Million USD)
Corporate Clients
Intangible Asset Valuations (Billion IRR)
International Commercialization Projects