About Us
Dadflamingo provides legal, financial, and valuation services for the protection and commercialization of technological businesses and startups. The capability of supporting the monetary, technical, and legal aspects of the referred matters at the same time, hiring and developing the latest innovative technology-based tools, and providing the most practical solutions for every case are the main advantages of Dadflamingo which enables its clients to enjoy a fully integrated “one-stop” legal and financial services.

Dadflamingo Legal & Financial

Dadflamingo is the first Iranian “knowledge-based Firm” in Legal Services


Dadflamingo Team

Legal Department

Sanaz Hosseini Kolahi
Managing Partner
LL.M. in International Business and Commercial Law
Mohammad Hadi Kazemi
Senior Associate
LL.M. in International Trade Law
Houman Shahrokh
Senior Associate
LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law
Amirhossein Javan
LL.M. in International Trade Law

Assessment and Valuation Department

Hossein Falahi
Valuation Partner
Master of Entrepreneurship Management
Fahime Zabihi Feizabadi
Senior Associate
Master of Industrial Engineering
Hamdollah Monfared
Master of Socio-Economic Systems Engineering
Kamal Ali Hosseini
Master Student of Financial Engineering
Negar Afshari
Master of Financial Engineering
Erfan Roinifardi
Master of financial management

Commercialization Department

Mohammad Hossein Sheikh Forootan
M. Arch. in Construction Management
Mohammad Reza Azizkhani
BSc in Chemical Engineering